My role:
Client: Whiz
Firm: Fragma
Year: 2021

Whiz is the first brand focused on high performance and health in the gamer scene in Brazil. They developed a line of supplements that increases the performance of gamers in and out of the game.

Three products make up the brand’s portfolio: “Cooldown” helps to sleep, “In-Game Leader” improves memory and reaction time, and “Hard Engage” increases focus and concentration.

Fragma invited me to do some motion exercises for the brand, exploring how graphics and text could be animated to express Whiz’s personality and tell stories.

Animated Expressions

I started the explorations by making loop animations of purely graphical compositions. Fragma provided me the layouts, and I developed the animations inspired by expressions found in games, physical elements, and digital media.

Animated Stories

Later, I expanded the studies by animating posts with texts. Each one tells a different story, and the animations play an essential role in delivering the right tone for the message.

Turn the game around. 
Don’t pull an all-nighter.

On & Off

Whizzzzzzz helps you to sleep.

Whiz improves your reflexes.

Client: Whiz
Firm: Fragma
Verbal Identity: Felipe Borges Valerio
Visual Identity: Danilo Toledo
Motion Identity: Diogo Aso