Google Music

Client: Google Brazil
Firm: Histeria!
Year: 2017

An inspirational video that translates how music feels into images: that was the challenge of Histeria! in this animation, the opening of a Google Brazil trend study on the music market in 2017.

Through the language of motion graphics, we developed an inspirational video that pays homage to the musical nature of human beings.

Under the supervision of Daniel Kano, I was responsible for the art direction and illustration. We defined a vibrant color palette, which represents the diversity of the musical universe, and a geometric illustration style, which allowed us to tell our story in a symbolic and minimalist way.

Featured in
Client: Google Brazil
Firm: Histeria!
Creative Direction: Jannerson Xavier
Project Management: Marcelo Moreno
Art Direction: Daniel Kano, Diogo Aso
Illustration: Daniel Kano, Diogo Aso
Sound Design: Jacarandá