My role:
Client: Explora
Year: 2021

Explora is a world-class company that promotes in-depth explorations and nomadic journeys in remote territories in South America.

Over a journey of more than 25 years, they reached a decisive point where they needed to reaffirm and deepen the purpose of conservation in the territories where they operate.

From this context, Interbrand São Paulo developed a new brand identity for Explora. The project began in early 2019 and involved many strategy, verbal identity, and visual identity professionals.

I joined this project by the end of 2019 when strategy and brand identity were in their final stages. Until its launch in mid-2021, I participated in several additional deliveries related to graphic design, motion design, and brand consulting. One of them was managing the brand video made by Histeria!, Abacateiro Filmes, and Jacarandá.

For the brand launch, I made an identity showcase video, compiling the whole work that we made over the years. I also revisited the motion identity done originally by Erick Fugii and added new explorations.

Here I present part of the brand identity, focused on the motion elements. Check out the complete project at Behance.

Client: Explora
Advisory: Andrew Payne, Chris Campbell, Daniella Bianchi
Direction: Beto Almeida, Gil Bottari, Rodrigo Marques, Sergio Cury
Strategy: Amanda Villas-Bôas, Anne Grecco, Caroline Carvalho, Cecília Martins, Isabella Mota
Verbal Identity: Camilla Cossermelli, Felipe Valério, Pedro Kastelic
Illustration: Francisco Martins
Motion Identity: Diogo Aso, Erick Fugii