Personal Project
Year: 2018

BR70 is a personal project I started in 2018 with two main goals: improving my skills in art direction and paying homage to two of my great passions: Brazilian music and poster media.

To guide the project, I decided to work with a time frame of the 1970s. Brazil was under a military dictatorship, and many excellent songs emerged despite the repression. It was a flourishing decade for Brazilian music, and I felt compelled to pay tribute to the songs and musicians that marked an era.

I immersed myself deeply in the music of the decade, listening non-stop and studying the stories behind their creations. During the process, I even created a playlist for the project. You may listen to it at the bottom of the page.

I produced the posters while listening to the tracks, over a month of intense study and testing. These were weeks that brought me a lot of learning, and I documented the whole creative process at the end of 2019 in my undergraduate thesis. You may read it here (it’s in Portuguese).

Taj Mahal – Jorge Ben Jor

Vapor Barato – Gal Costa

Kilariô – Di Melo

Maracatu Atômico – Jorge Mautner

O Mestre Sala dos Mares – João Bosco

Abre Alas – Ivan Lins

Check out the project’s playlist