Client: Mattos Filho
Year: 2022

One of the largest law firms in Latin America, Mattos Filho recognized the importance of staying at the forefront of innovations in the legal industry.

To set a new standard in this traditional industry, Mattos Filho created Attix: a hub connecting legaltechs interested in scaling their impact with proposals to transform society and businesses to clients who want more innovation and efficiency in their legal processes.

We developed the expression of this new brand, working on strategy, visual identity, and key messages.

The logo

Since Attix is an initiative born from Mattos Filho but with a distinct role from the parent brand, we understood that the logo should reflect this relationship of proximity and distance.

To highlight the similarities, I used the same approach of emphasizing a part of the logo, highlighting the bar that connects the two Ts in Attix. I also borrowed the purple color from Mattos Filho, modifying it to a brighter shade to create a stronger connection with the codes of the technology universe.

To emphasize the differences, I designed the logo with lowercase letters and removed the primary color of the parent brand, orange, from the visual universe of Attix. The upward-pointing arrow, which symbolizes Mattos Filho’s pursuit of excellence in the legal sector, becomes a horizontal bar in Attix, representing the brand’s calling to connect with companies and legaltechs and expand the frontiers of legal innovation.

In addition to the main version, I have also created variations endorsed by Mattos Filho, used in applications and contexts where the relationship between both brands needs to be reinforced.

Geometric Mesh

Inspired by the pixel language of digital interfaces and the text lines of programming codes, I developed a visual identity based on geometric meshes formed by bars.

Fueled by images and generated by the computer, I use these meshes as a grid, guiding the composition of texts, images, and other graphic elements.


The photographic style is colorful and high-contrast. The images seek to portray the complex themes communicated by Attix, such as innovation and artificial intelligence, through abstract representations and photographs of new technologies.


The colored bars formed by the meshes add to the base colors of the identity, bringing dynamism and unusual color combinations to the compositions. 

We maintain the shades of purple, gray, black, and white as the main colors, but we open up the freedom to interact with other colors.


The Owners XWide typeface was chosen for headlines because of its wide characters and formal connection to the logo and the format of the bars formed by the geometric meshes.

The Inter typeface was chosen for body text because it is a versatile and widely used typeface for digital devices.


I explored the full potential of the geometric meshes in the animations, incorporating videos as well as images.

The movement is achieved through both animating the geometric mesh by modifying the number of rows and columns over time, and by moving the figures behind the mesh.

For the animation of texts and other elements, I sought to use movements that combine high speed with easing, to evoke a sense of a dynamic but decodable future.

Client: Mattos Filho
Creative Direction: Gil Bottari
Strategy: Cristiane Scaff, Bianca Daccache, Isabel Mossato
Copywriting: Jéssica Naveira
Visual Identity: Diogo Aso, Gabriel Deda
Motion Identity: Diogo Aso
Client: Mattos Filho
Creative direction: Gil Bottari
Creative direction: Laila Rotter
Strategy: Anne Grecco
Strategy: Cristiane Scaff, Bianca Daccache, Isabel Mossato
Copywriting: Jéssica Naveira
Visual identity: Diogo Aso, Gabriel Deda